Let’s Add a Twist to this Knitting Adventure.

iKnit’s Twisted Turban Pattern

The headbands that I’m loving so much are easy-peasy now but I still want to make a few more so I’m going to challenge my self to shake things up. I have found this sweet little Youtube channel iKnit by Christine. She has a pattern with a twist in the headband and I think I have skills to give this go this weekend. She calls her project the Twisted Turban. She has a 13-minute tutorial that will walk me through the process of casting off, switching over, yadda yadda, I don’t even know yet exactly what to expect! Yikes. It May take some practice….as in I’ll probably accidentally pull off of my open stitches off my needle (not the first time!) and begin again…but with more knowledge. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right!?

Friday night. We’ll get jammies on, cuddle in for family movie night and I’ll see if I can knit up a twisted headband delight!



Headbands fo dayz.

I’m not sure if you remember but I do….when I started this knitting adventure I timed how long it took me to do a row of about 40 stitches. It took about 7 minutes. Gah. I shudder to think. That yellow scarf was a labor of love but man did it take so much longer than it should have.

All the goods.

And now, just the other day in my Masters class I knocked out another headband…the red one…That’s three headbands, y’all!

My master plan is to gift one to each of the peeps in my life back in Ontario…along with some Yukon goodies, of course.

Note that the little red cuff was a request of my 7-year-old…for soccer…I’m not sure if he imagined it’ll act as a fashion accessory or a sweatband. Either way, his wish is my command. Voila.

Let’s It All over again. For fun this time!

So, I have a scarf, a holy scarf but a scarf none the less. Now that I’ve got one holy scarf under my belt I was all jazzed to get out and buy some more yarm and a new set of larger needles…just for fun…and try something new. So I did.

I found two kinds of yarn I like and I got some 8mm needles.

I got on the Interwebz and found something I thought I could give a go…this, down there…I was optimistic that I could try this and end up with something that resembled these.


…and then I got ta’ knittin’! And you guys….I made stuff…like, actual stuff…specifically two headbands. One was a little wide but thennnnn I knocked it outta the park with the next one. I love it! And it’s cozy ta boot!

Check it out…



Cultural Connection

Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada has exercises, projects, and activities for students aged 4 to 16. Parents and educators, taps into resources like this. Voice, history, and acknowledgment are steps toward reconciliation. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Integrate aboriginal content. Encourage the child questions. Be honest and if you don’t know, say so. Then do some research together. We’re all learning together.

The Toronto District School Board is engaged and moving forward progressively. Check out their resources here.

Professional Knowledge

Hi friends,

I’ve been thinking of something recently…Professional Knowledge.

What an interesting thing…to take in the world around us in…in all it’s gloriousness and misgivings and then process it in a way that contributes meaningfully to our practice. I’m really looking forward to the journey ahead. Life is fan-flippin’-tastic, isn’t it?! Not just the path I can see laid out ahead of me but in all the trials and tribulations along the way that will color and shape my practice as an educator. There is so much excitement for me in the unknown. Leap. Work hard. Trust.

Changing Educational Paradigms

Make time for this video. It’s only 11minutes and 40 seconds. You have time. I know you do.

Sir Ken Robinson speaks to the links he sees between 3 disturbing trends: rising drop-out rates, schools’ dwindling stake in the arts, and ADHD.

Is contemporary schooling about conformity? Yup.

Should it be? Nope

Is it effective? Nope

Are we failing students? Heck yes!

We need to rethink the way the systems around us work.

Watch. This.



Lego World

These. How wonderful are these? I used Samsofy’s miniature lego world photos for a presentation I gave last weekend about Teacher Leadership. These make me so happy. Imagining his process and care and consideration of each scene brings a smile to my face. I think it will for you too. Check him out here at BoardPanda.