Learner for life

If I’m The Old Dog Can I Still Teach Myself New Tricks? I bet I can. 

Ok Friends, I’m going to learn to knit.

Initially, it felt like a cop out…”knitting is easy, isn’t it?” I asked myself. Everyone and their grandma knits, no? Well, not so, apparently.

I asked around and as far as I can make out there are three camps; The first was the group who tried it an hated it. They thought it was frustrating to learn so they gave up the journey all too soon and never pushed through the initial “newness = challenging” hurdle. That brings me to Camp 2. These guys thought knitting was,  “Meh.” Just shrug your shoulders, plain ol’ boring. Their the “take it or leave it” bunch who said they could pump out a scarf if their lives depended on it (can you even imagine a scenario?) but that that was the apex of their skills. They had no interest in pursuing things further. And then there was Camp 3. This was a passionate bunch. The #knitters4life crew. The #knittingaddicts peeps. The ones who get together weekly for the “Knit (or stitch) and Bitch” night. Which to me sound like a sweet way to spend a Wednesday night. The seemed eager for a new newbie and were all hands on deck to teach me where to start. (and yes, I turned them down for now wanting to first start on the dusty ol’ interweb to learn the basics)

So alas, it’s Camp 3 that sealed the deal. I’m going teach myself to knit. A scarf and a hat. Just so I can move slightly from Group 2 status and inch toward the #coolnerds in Camp 3.

Once I’d made up my mind that knitting was the way to go, I started wondering about knitting. Not just what to make or how to learn it but, where did it come from? Who were the first “knitting” cultures? Why does it seem like a “female” hobbie? Has it always been that way? I have questions fo’ dayz!

…and what do you do when you have a question? Find answers. So I started digging. I listen to pod casts, read a research paper, some blogs. And wouldn’t ya have it, there is a ton of interesting knitting factoids. What are they, you ask? Well, as part of this “learn to knit” project that’s underway I’m going to compliment my weekly skills progress update with some #superdopeknittingfacts (I just invented that hashtag, feel free to use it if you want).

Ok, so here are the goods. Each week on Monday nights I’ll post  some #superdopeknittingfacts that are going to blow your mind, a video or pics of my progress, a running log of resources I’m accessing to inform my new skillz, a running list of terms I’m using, maybe a running list of tips and tricks !?!

Thus far I have the “stuff” I’ll need – needles and yarn. But I don’t even know if they go together. One of the Camp 3 people asked me that. Yeah, I don’t know. I’ll find out soon though.

Oh, and I plan – when I’m feeling the least bit competent – to try and teach my 7 year old son, Jack, to knit. I think one of the best ways to solidify knowledge (newly learned knowledge in particular!) is to teach. Explaining the process to him will help me build competence.


Signing off from the Great White North. Night y’all.

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