Education for Peace

My educational philosophy isn’t complicated….albeit grand, it is, however, not complicated.

I believe that education is for peace. Through education, we can foster the growth of children so that their contribution to their global neighbors, the environment, their country, their community, and their families make the world a more meaningful, positive, and rich experience for all of us and future generations; we’re borrowing the planet from the next generation after all!

I believe each child has the right to an education that will lift them up and honor who they are.

I believe that acquiring the values, knowledge, attitudes, skills, and behaviors to live in harmony with one’s self, others, and the natural environment is the duty of education.

We first must start by honoring that each child is curious and hungry to explore their world. Big and small.

Our role as educators is to let that curiosity unfold so that the child feels safe and supported. We guide curiosity and foster the growing complexities that learning and exploration bring.

We are guides on the side, not the sage on the stage.

Kids love the world. Let’s help them learn how to follow curiosity, ask important questions, and find the answers they seek.

…the more digestible version…