Professional Knowledge

Hi friends,

I’ve been thinking of something recently…Professional Knowledge.

What an interesting thing…to take in the world around us in…in all it’s gloriousness and misgivings and then process it in a way that contributes meaningfully to our practice. I’m really looking forward to the journey ahead. Life is fan-flippin’-tastic, isn’t it?! Not just the path I can see laid out ahead of me but in all the trials and tribulations along the way that will color and shape my practice as an educator. There is so much excitement for me in the unknown. Leap. Work hard. Trust.


Silly Rabbit, Tech is for kids! Or is it?

It’s up for debate. It is now and it will be in 100 years. We – yes, you…and everyone from all corners of the vast interweb – talk, debate, and argue about tech and kids and what it means to and for their learning. Is it a complimentary resource that students should have access to in their classrooms? Is it a distraction and an epic waste of classroom minutes? Is tech the “lazy way” to teach our youngsters? Or are the leaders in education integrating tech in their classrooms? Bad news is the Jury’s still out. In the landscape of Ed. tech we are early days in terms of the body of research that is helping inform our beliefs. What do you think? Are we moving in the right direction with ipads for every student? or should the classrooms be unplugged?

Photo Credit: Lupuca Flickr via Compfight cc