Learning Project

Let’s Wrap it up, folks.

Alright, friends, the end of an era is upon us as my journey to learn to knit comes to a formal end today. (Please note that the knitting journey will continue…I’ve got Christmas gifts to make, people! No rest for these busy fingers!)

The challenge to learn something new via the interweb was possed in September by the fantastical Katia Hildebrandt. I wanted to learn something that felt like it would add value to my life but that wouldn’t take time away from the things I’d already committed my time to. I perused the interwebz for ideas and then bingo-bango-chicken-and-mango there is was…an infinity scarf! The inspiration that got the ball rolling.

For my Week 1 blog post I aimed to blog weekly about knitting history, my progress, and my resources for that week.

I was lost as to how to actually knit. I had picked up the materials but hadn’t yet got to knitting!

Week 2 had me actually casting on and sharing what terminology I was learning. I was deep into “how to knit” YouTube videos. Id watch, pause, rewind and watch again. And again. And again! The ability to slow things down and really watch the finger movements was something unique to learning to knit via online resources.

By the end of the first week I’d knitted a…ummmm…well, it was supposed to be a lovely scarf but the lesson I learned that week was how much yarn you actually need for a project like that. What I ended up with was a delightful little wall hanging. And it really is a piece I cherish. I have it hanging in my office. It kind of acts as a reminder of new efforts not being in vain even when the end result isn’t what you intended. Lesson learned.

Week 3, Week 4, and Week 5 had me knitting like a mad woman every chance I got. I was knitting at the arena, during my Masters class, at home during family movie night. Everywhere. I was finally feeling confident….which I later realized was misguided because the yellow infinity scarf I was working on had a few holes. Whoops. Character, they add character, right!?!

I also realized that I – and everyone else who knits – has a knitting face. Yikes. Since childhood,  my “I’m concentrating” face includes wide-eyed staring and biting my tongue.

Videos like these by Devina from Sheep and Stich were invaluable at navigating along the way as I encountered hiccups.


What fell by the wayside in favor of a more practical and valuable use of my knitting time was the knitting history factoids I intended to uncover and share along the way. At the outset of this adventure, I listen to a Freakonomics podcast about the history of knitting and it was seriously captivating. It made me think there was this untold story about knitting that I could shed some light on – this may very well be true, but in place of fact-finding I watched videos and kept on making progress.

By Week 6 I was feeling like I had waaaaaaaaay overstepped in committing to an infinity scarf. I had cast on something like 40 casts, which in my defense look like not very many when there are no other rows attached, but is actually a lot of casts for a scarf. It had made for a very cozy drap-ey scarf, indeed! I kept at it taking my scarf and bag of knitting goodies everywhere and by Week 7 I had myself a scarf. When I sewed the ends together I was so flippin proud of myself. I’m artistic but I have never really made practical things. This was a first!


Week 8 through Week 11 were a knitting delight. My whole knitting adventured opened right back up again after I completed the never-ending-scarf! I needed a new project. I had outlined at the beginning of this adventure that I wanted to make a hat….well, I realized I’m not quite ready for a hat yet. Yet! ’cause I did go and buy all the required hat stuff…so it will happen soon…perhaps over Christmas. Hmm. Yeah, over Christmas. So I wanted to start a new project that was “usable”. I didn’t just want to learn a new stitch I wanted to produce something tangible and useful. Then I saw…dun dun dun…a knitted head scarf. Whaaaaaa! Yes, please. So I followed the rabbit hole of online resources and got to a great tutorial that walked me through it. And bingo-bango just like that I was making head scarfs. Not just one but manyyyyy!

And ta boot, my 7-year-old asked for wrist cuffs…for soccer! The idea didn’t make any sense to me – still doesn’t – but I still made them and he was delighted!


This journey of learning to knit has been so enjoyable. I am always reluctant to learn or do online what I can do in person with others. I thought it would be more challenging to learn to knit watching a video or reading blogs than to just sit down with a knitting buddy. Turns out you were on to something, Katia. It’s like this was your master plan all along or something – go figure! Thank you for pushing me out of my comfort zone a little. I’d such fun to have this new skill. And to know taht I can pass it on to my boys! Cheers.


Buttons. Bring on the Buttons.

A knitting buddy mentioned buttons. Buttons on headbands, to be specific.

Yes, please!

She told me about a sweet little knitting store in town called, Itsy-Bitsy Yarn Store, I have yet to explore.

I guess I’ll just have to go for a little look-see tomorrow, qui?!



Let’s Add a Twist to this Knitting Adventure.

iKnit’s Twisted Turban Pattern

The headbands that I’m loving so much are easy-peasy now but I still want to make a few more so I’m going to challenge my self to shake things up. I have found this sweet little Youtube channel iKnit by Christine. She has a pattern with a twist in the headband and I think I have skills to give this go this weekend. She calls her project the Twisted Turban. She has a 13-minute tutorial that will walk me through the process of casting off, switching over, yadda yadda, I don’t even know yet exactly what to expect! Yikes. It May take some practice….as in I’ll probably accidentally pull off of my open stitches off my needle (not the first time!) and begin again…but with more knowledge. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right!?

Friday night. We’ll get jammies on, cuddle in for family movie night and I’ll see if I can knit up a twisted headband delight!


Headbands fo dayz.

I’m not sure if you remember but I do….when I started this knitting adventure I timed how long it took me to do a row of about 40 stitches. It took about 7 minutes. Gah. I shudder to think. That yellow scarf was a labor of love but man did it take so much longer than it should have.

All the goods.

And now, just the other day in my Masters class I knocked out another headband…the red one…That’s three headbands, y’all!

My master plan is to gift one to each of the peeps in my life back in Ontario…along with some Yukon goodies, of course.

Note that the little red cuff was a request of my 7-year-old…for soccer…I’m not sure if he imagined it’ll act as a fashion accessory or a sweatband. Either way, his wish is my command. Voila.

Let’s It All over again. For fun this time!

So, I have a scarf, a holy scarf but a scarf none the less. Now that I’ve got one holy scarf under my belt I was all jazzed to get out and buy some more yarm and a new set of larger needles…just for fun…and try something new. So I did.

I found two kinds of yarn I like and I got some 8mm needles.

I got on the Interwebz and found something I thought I could give a go…this, down there…I was optimistic that I could try this and end up with something that resembled these.


…and then I got ta’ knittin’! And you guys….I made stuff…like, actual stuff…specifically two headbands. One was a little wide but thennnnn I knocked it outta the park with the next one. I love it! And it’s cozy ta boot!

Check it out…



I’ve made myself a scarf, y’all! An actual scarf this time.

…and just in time too…winter has a arrived here in Whitehorse. The snow has come and gone once already but the forecast is cold and getting colder so my money’s on the fact that winter is here to stay.

I kept my little fingers busy all last weekend during my Masters class on Friday night and Saturday. My knitting buddy classmate sat close by on Saturday so that she could show me again (because although I watched this video to learn how to cast off, I didn’t remember at exactly that moment). So she told me how to bind-off and then explained that I’d have to stitch both ends together when I was home. Ok. Simple. And it mostly was. Except the boys were underfoot playing a chasing game and would whizz by every few minutes. But that wasn’t a knitting issue it was an environmental factor I hadn’t accounted for. Next time I’ll find a quiet space and stitch the ends in half the time.

I LOVE MY SCARF! So. Flippin. Much.

So, what I’m going to do is change my goal. I had intended to make a hat next but to be honest, I don’t think I should yet. I have mediocre – at best – primary knitting skills. This scarf I love so dearly is holier than swiss cheese and I figure I should master this simple stuff before I move on. What I propose is this…I’m going to get myself some more yarn – different from this small fiber yellow stuff – maybe even something chunky and make another infinity scarf. I want to end up with like 5 of them….maybe xmas gift?!?!

I’ll shop this week and keep you posted about the haul I bring home. Let the games begin…all over again!

The Never Ending (Scarf) Story

Alright, friends, I have a confession. I didn’t really knit this week.

Gah. I am not one to complain about being busy. Everyone is busy and everyone is stressed in their own special ways by the delicate balancing act they juggle in their own lives but I have straight up made *almost* zero time for knitting this week. My own fault. Poor planning. But not procrastination. I don’t procrastinate. At all. I’m kind to my future self and don’t what her to be stressed so I help her in the now by doing the things I can NOW. This 58 minutes video by Dr. Tim Pychyl in which he led a discussion about academic procrastination and strategies for change was a game changer. It’s an hour. But consider how much time it’ll save you if you watch. If it was a financial investment it’d pay dividends

Every two weekends I have a weekend of class with my MEd cohort and we hold court and fill our brains and that, my friends, is when I get so. much. knitting. done. But for real, other than that, unless I block it out in my week (like I do with all the other pieces to my life-puzzle) I don’t just find the time. I literally do not sit down until 9pm when I park my butt in my office chair with a coffee (Yes, I’m a nighttime coffee drinker) to go over YTA Policy matter, Yukon EA concerns and inquiries, read research papers, participate in #edchats…yadda yada…and that doesn’t include my coursework….Ok, so enough griping.

This blog post acts as a binding commitment (no it doesn’t. It’s a blog, but) that I do solemnly swear (what does that even mean?!) to make time to knit. And when I say make time I mean like, schedule it. My goal is to end up with a few knitted things by Xmas. If that’s going to happen I have to buckle down. The time is now.




So to replace the usual update pic I’ve chosen a selection is knitting gifs that made me smirk and laugh. Enjoy.

Kristen Wig, anything she’s in, yes, please.


I don’t know what the deal is with these knitted gems but also, yes, please. I can only hope to one day do something so creative. Maybe for my grandchildren in 30 years.



Dinogranny tea party. Who comes up with this magic?