We’re in this together, right?

Ok. It’s been a trip, friends. This course has been a game changer for me in how I look at tech as a tool in education and at how digital literacy has the capacity to positively change the trajectory of a life. And I certainly didn’t come to these realizations in a vacuum behind the screen of my computer. The peeps in this course have been a fantastic resource to learn from and lean on.

Twitter is my new bestie! I love making and finding connections on Twitter now. I used to think of it as a kind of soapbox – you yell out into the abyss hoping to maybe get something in return. Not the case, obviously! The ed Twitter community is robust and active.


Tweeting and hearing back to perspectives of my classmates always brought a smile to my face.


Finding new ways to invite engagement was interesting.


Sharing kindness is my fav way to connect and twitter makes it easy! 🙂


Participating in the #edchat was fantastic, a real eye-opener. It made me realize I had a thing or two to learn about my knowledge of and technical engagement with Twitter. But it also made me realize for the first time how instant and rewarding the feedback from the Twitter-verse can be. Pandora’s box of magic!


Having my first shoutout by someone I followed but didn’t know personally was very sweet. Again it highlighted for me the humanity of Twitter. Real people connecting with real people.


Google + was a new experience for me. I referred to it a few times a week to access the Weekly Plans and check out what was happening but throughout the course, it wasn’t my go to connect with my classmates.

I stared the course by sharing my blog info and Webster and Nicole were fast friends!


….Bloggggggs! Alright, so I’m a convert. I used to think blogging was for other people, not me. Well, not the case anymore. I blog weekly now – course-related or not – and peeps have been lovely. What I have learned in reflecting on my blogging journey as it related to connectedness of learning is that I should have been screen capturing each comment I made. Lesson learned.

A shout-out on a classmates blog brought home the connectedness of all of learning. Seeing how others are viewing the same material can shed new light.


Nicole always had kind words to share and seemed genuinely interested in my journey. I was grateful to her from the start for showing support. It was really encouraging.


Posting a final comment on a classmate’s concluding blog was bittersweet. I was happy for the journey Nicole has had but was sad at the thought that weekly posts would likely pitter out in frequency.


I have really enjoyed getting to know my classmates through their blogs and Tweets. I was concerned that I would feel disconnected from my EDTC crew from way up here but that wasn’t the case at all.